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MOVIES: engaging - reminiscent - relaxing

Share-Time Pictures have been producing Silent Movies since 2005 
Designed for people with Alzheimer's disease, dementia, and memory loss.
They are enjoyed by people in aged care and especially frail aged people and used by
Diversional therapists, carers and Relatives.
Our movies provide the opportunity for reminiscence, relaxation and enjoyable entertainment.
Social interaction is supported through the familiar media of television and familiar social experiences.
Every movie includes relaxing classical music and are designed with a combination of
digital video and still images to allow time for engagement
Suitable for home-care and facility residents and viewing may be in a one-on-one situation or as a group activity with a Diversional therapist or as a family





Main Movie - Gone Fishing (28mins) Activities includes: Two men fishing on a sunny day - knotting a sinker - baiting fishing hook -
casting and waiting - beach scenery - fishing from a beach and a boat - and more
Additional Movies
A Fishy Tale  - a fun movie (10mins)
Beach Fishing - relaxing (10mins)
Along the Seashore - relaxing (10mins)
The Gone Fishing Crozzle 
Filmed on beautiful South Stradbroke Island and the Gold Coast Broadwater in South East Queensland, Australia



Movie includes: Private and Botanical gardens - flowers, birds, insects - nature and seasons - Beautiful,
engaging videography and photography presented in vignettes of themed colours enhanced by familiar, relaxing music
While primarily designed for care-recipients this DVD movie allows all viewers to experience the joys of a
familiar past-time of walking through gardens and parklands
Running Time: 43minutes - Advance option at any stage to closing images and music
Looped for your convenience
Ambient and Relaxing


Main Movie - The Vegetable Patch (28mins) Activities includes: Man building a vegetable garden -
children helping to plant seedlings - birds in the garden -vegies growing - studio shots for detail - cooking - and more
Additional Movies
Tales from the Vegie Patch - a fun movie and reminiscent (10mins)
Making a Tussie Mussie - includes naming herbs & flowers - relaxing (16mins)
Building a Vegie Patch - relaxing (11mins)
Filmed in a country garden





 Main Movie (28mins) Activities includes: Sewing by hand and a treadle machine - toddler dancing -
girl having hair curled in rags - child playing with balloons - man gardening -
making a lavender scent bag -and more
Short Movie: Faster presentation with selected imagery
Introduction to Share-Time Pictures themed movies by Producer Judi Parkinson
Filming includes the former & historic flowering
Jacaranda Trees of New Farm Park, Queensland



Main Movie (28mins) Activities include: Botanical gardens, trees and flowers - gardening - birds -
children playing - watering plants, domestic and botanic gardens - and more
Additonal Movies:
Busy in the Garden (10mins)
Flowers in the Garden -relaxing (10mins)
Visitors to My Garden - a slide show
A Garden themed Crozzle



Main Movie (28mins) Activities include: Oranges and lemons growing - chopping fruirt - cooking -
making marmalade - orange and yellow colour themes - and more
Additonal Movies:
An Orange and Lemon Medley (10mins)
Making Marmalade - procedural (10mins)
Making Pavlova - procedure & relaxing (8mins)
Making Marmalade Crozzle


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