Reading is a pastime that is familiar to all generations.


These non-verbal books are designed to reestablish that recognizable experience

and communicate the enjoyment of a familiar, tactile media.

Each Picture Book provides engaging short stories presented within the theme of each title.


The books, and the photographs, are presented in a relaxing horizontal format.

 Occasionally smaller vertical or square cue images appear on the left pages

 to stimulate attention and assist with the main image recognition.



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In 2014 alzheimers.net (USA) asked Judi to write an article about her non-verbal books.

 The article was published a second time in 2015. It can be read here:







Printed Picture Books

Designed to support memory stimulation of past experiences for people with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and memory loss.

Each book is more than a book of pictures – images are designed to flow, engage and tell a short story within the theme of each title.

Paperback – 21cms x .5cm x 15.2cms (8.2 x 0.2 x 6 inches) Average 50 pages

Printed on quality matte paper to avoid reflections that can be distracting for people with dementia.

All Titles are available at AMAZON

Selected Titles are available in Australia at: Box ‘n’ Dice Activities Resources, and Wisdom Activities


Beside the Seaside

Ready-to-Print Picture eBooks on CD

5 NEW!! 4 Revised!

Printable Picture Books are slightly shorter editions than the small printed Picture Book of the same titles.

There is less visual information which makes them suitable for people in Special Needs Units and Home Care.

Worn or marked pages can easily be replaced.

Created at 300 dpi Adobe RGB colour for quality printing.

Each Title comes with 3 Adobe PDF files:

Picture Book, Step-by-step printing instructions with screenshots, and Test Printing.

Selected Titles are available at Box ‘n’ Dice Activities Resources