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Interactive Digital Crosswords

~ for Lovers of Crosswords ~

Designed for people with Alzheimer's disease, dementia, cognitive disability, memory loss and frail aged people

12 Themed Crossword Puzzles
Picture Clues for every word
Plays with normal DVD remote control - so easy to conduct as a group activity or one-on-one

* Every word writes automatically
* A new letter appears every 3 seconds allowing time
   for participants to spell
* Optional advance to each completed word
* Some pictures include audio clues
* End of each crossword puzzle automatically returns to  
   Main Menu
* RAO, DT or carer can pause at any time for discussion 

Themes on the Crozzle DVD
(HDV - Pal format)


Building a Garden Wall (12words)
The Things Gardeners Do (14words)
Old Fashioned Garden Flowers (8words)


Cooking Pumpkin Soup (14words)
Making Orange Juice (12words)
Enjoying a Cup of Tea (17words)


Hobbies (16words)
Sewing Notions (17words)
A Cricket Match (16words)


On the Farm (13words)
A Rainy Day (13words)
What Bird is That? (17words)