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** Creating a Garden (Picture Book) – recommended by Alzheimer’s Society UK – Living with Dementia magazine August/September 2017 edition

Dodge City Community Library (USA) – recommendation and clients’ enjoyment of Judi’s Picture Books posted 2017

**Judi was asked by Alzheimers.net (USA) (A Place for Mom) to write an article for their Blog about her Picture Books for people with Alzheimer’s disease. First posted 22nd December 2014, reposted December 4th 2015.

Assistant in Nursing – Recommendation by Barbara Healy, RN and RN Educator  (June 2014)

  Therapist wrote re Small Printed Picture Books – ‘THESE ARE WORKS OF ART IN PHOTOGRAPHY’ (DT Lauretta Kaldor)



 Activity Resources – Recommendation by Jennifer Freeman, Music Therapist  (Jan 2014)


 Activity Resources – Recommendation by Lauretta Kaldor, Diversional Therapist (Dec 2013)




DVD movie The Vegetable Patch – reviewed (p35)
The Australian Journal of Dementia Care (Vol 2 No 3 June/July 2013)


Posts by various page followers, visitors and clients: facebook.com/sharetimepictures

Share-Time Pictures’ DVDs 

All the share-time dvd’s work really well with dementia clients either as a small group therapy activity or one on one.
Most aged care facilities have large tv’s and its a great opportunity to put on a DVD that helps relax someone who
is a bit confused or agitated with lovely music and beautiful pictures.
I use them a lot in my work with clients who have dementia.
Diversional Therapist
(Name & address supplied)
Share-Time Pictures’ DVDs 
These {DVD movies} are all just lovely and our residents find them very calming especially at the end of the day.
Dementia Specific Unit, Gold Coast
(Name & address supplied)

Our GONE FISHING DVD reviewed (p20)
Alzheimer’s Australia NSW Newsletter (Sep 2010)
Oranges and Lemons DVD
Beautiful work – enjoyable by all.
Ann Donaghy
Service Manager
Centacare – Enoggera Respite Centre


In the Garden DVD
I have just started in this position and am slowly finding resources here at the centre. This DVD was a real find! Am planning to use it as part of my “Garden Club’ activities. So much potential for reminiscing! Love the crossword – it’s a shame there aren’t a few more on the DVD.
Sandy Ludinski
Diversional Therapist
Paddington Day Respite Centre (Queensland)



In the Garden DVD
The residents loved the ‘In the Garden DVD’ and couldn’t get enough of it. We played it all morning and they were calling out everything they saw that they recognised
such as types of flowers and the dog who one said was a “blue setter”! It was quite surprising as they also recognised activities such as building a footpath and were
quite specific about how it was being created, one said a retaining wall and most of these residents have dementia. There was great interest with the toddler trying

to walk and one of the ladies was giving me her wealth of knowledge about children learning to walk.

They also loved the background music and when we did the crossword they loved it and it was such a great way to end the DVD activity. It highlighted just how

many of them could still read, think and guess the words very logically, with always 2-3 people getting the answer correct.
This DVD created a nice calm atmosphere

Jennifer Freeman

Senior Consultant

Moments in Lavender DVD

Laughed a lot, enjoyed music especially bird sounds

Hummed & tapped to the music throughout viewing.

He smiled and nodded

Commented on the sewing machine as she used to be a machine operator

Recipient thought she would like to get some lavender in pots

Much laughter – loved the children

(From Carers’ and Diversional therapists’ notes during research in aged care facilities)

Oranges and Lemons DVD

Lovely music and images.
Diversional Therapist
(Name provided)
Judi was invited to write an article on her research, designs, subjects & compositions of photography suitable for people with Alzheimer’s disease

Signpost Journal (Volume 15 No 1 June 2010) Practice Development Unit (Mental Health Services for Older People) of Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust
Moments in Lavender Book

Loved the book, talked about it with others later

Loved it – commented that it was well done and beautiful

Discussed what sort of sewing machine was used

Comments on how quickly children grow up

The sewing machine reminded her that her father was a tailor

Loved the garden with all the lavender flowers

Remembered her childhood viewing the little girl with the rags in her hair and the freckles on her face

The candle reminded him of his childhood with a candle and matches on every table in his home.

Acted out picking up a grasshopper by legs and squashing it. Had a good laugh.

Laughed happily at the little girl with the bow and the balloons 
(From Carers’ and Diversional therapists’ notes during research in aged care facilities)


Some Comments by Senior Citizens


The video made the book come alive


The music and images worked really well together


I loved it all and the sequence of activities


The children are delightful and would warm the grannies I’m sure


I enjoyed the fun and delight of the children